My American Friend

Jim is actually Sharina's online buddy. But throughout the years, he started to become my online buddy as well. He's American and work in retail. My close friends might already know that I am not a huge fan of IM. I really don't know what to talk(type) about and ended up sending all the emoticons and audibles.But with Jim, I always have a lot of things to say.

We were IMing on Yahoo Messenger yesterday:

han: hey
jimi: hey what's up?
jimi: how's it going?
han: im ok
jimi: cool. what you been up to? working alot?
han: nah..i was sick last week
han: the doc said that it was exhaustion
jimi: oh that sux. feeling better?
han: im ok now
jimi: well that's good
han: how bout u?
jimi: I've been doing alright. just working mostly
han: work..why do we have 2 let it take over our lives....
han: hehehe
jimi: ha ha ha i know. i wish i could just lay around
han: all day long!!!
jimi: yeah and sleep for days at a time!
han: exactly wat i need
jimi: me too
han: i slept for 12 hours yesterday
han: 7pm to 7am
jimi: really? i slept for 11. from 10am to 9pm
han: i win=)
han: hehehe
jimi: lol yeah only by an hour
han: hey jim
han: what dya think?
han: i hate lecturing..i need a new job
jimi: about what?
han: i hate lecturing..i need a new job
jimi: what would you like to do?
han: i dunno
han: i want to write and do dat 4 my living
jimi: what kind of book would you write?
han: brb jim
jimi: okay
han: ure still there?
han: i went out to grab a quick bite
jimi: im here. feel better?
han: hehehe
han: ur question earlier
han: my writing leans more towrds magazine
jimi: oh cool
han: lifestyle magazine
han: fashion magazine
jimi: like fashion?
han: fashion,restaurant,clubbing,shopping,events,interior
jimi: well go for it
jimi: try finding a job
han: its a bit tough coz i dun hav background in writing or journalism
han: my degree is in teaching
jimi: yeah that's true. but you could write sample articles and send them in
han: i should do dat right?
jimi: you should yes
han: i keep on second guessing myself
jimi: just go for it. if you don't you will regret it
han: exactly
han: i always admire americans
han: u guys hav this confidence thing goin on
han: and very outspoken
jimi: lol yeah most people don't like that about us though
han: i wish i can be more like all of u
han: just go 4 it right
jimi: exactly.
jimi: or you could hey a job at a magazine and work your way up. just don't give up
han: yeah
han: but that will be challenging right?
jimi: yes. it will but not everything is easy right?
jimi: if its something you really want and really think you can do it, then you should go for it
jimi has signed out. (8/20/2008 8:43 PM)

Song playing inside my head: Laurent Wolf's No Stress


Heiso said…
You sound tormented in teaching Hanef.. maybe you should just try for the writing stuff. i'm sure u'll do superb!
Fash said…
tormented is a very stong choice of word ain..let just say that i dun enjoy it that much..i wish pursuing writing will be as easy as i though it would be..but its not.that's just how it is.