H&F Flavor of The Month

I haven't done this for quite sometime. It's kinda hard to keep up. I like a lot of things and I change my opinion every like 10 seconds.

But what the hell right?

1. Catherine Tate Show (Please watch! It's fuckin hilarious)
2. Echo Beach ("Moving Wallpapers' takes a lot of patient and focus to understand)
3. Lipstick Jungle (and Cashmere Mafia... It gets rather confusing sometimes)

1. Kanye! (Don't ask me why. I even dug out his first CD, Late Registration from my collection. I used to have All Falls Down as my ringtone)
2. T.I (Whatever You Like- heard it first time on VMA and currently at the top of my playlist)
3. Ne-Yo (Miss Independent is his new single. Not too sure bout his new music direction at first. But now I love it. Hip-hop, RnB, Garage, UK Dance all rolled into one)

MOVIE (I'm not really up-to-date. I watch old DVDs!)
1. Skeleton Key (I love Kate Hudson)
2. Catch and Release (Jennifer Garner; when she's not flying in the air or kick some serious asses, she's actually a goody-two-shoe girlfriend)
3. A Lot Like Love (I wonder why Amanda Peet's acting career never really took off)

1. Wide-legged (I'm kinda over my skinny jeans... I want to incorporate some roomy pants back into my wardrobe)
2. Gingham and plaids shirts (Soooo right now!)
3. Headgear (anything that can cover my horrible haircut! I hate my hair. I want to get it fixed)

1. Britney (her new single is out- Womanizer)
2. Tyra (Is it just me or Tyra IS fat?)
3. Denise Richard (I don't care if people think she's crazy. I'm like in love with her)

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Song playing inside my head: Sisqo's Incomplete (an old skool ones)


Anonymous said…
not wearing underwear? u have to tell that? waahahahhahaa hilarious!!!
Fash said…
heheh..i love to share things=)