Hometown Glory

I have been traveling back and forth from the place where I work to my parents' and to the city. It’s tiring.

A lot of things happened. I got a raise last week, I’ve lost a student, I’m officially being alienated by my best friend and despite of Ramadhan, I’ve been eating like a mad cow.

I watch Sex and The City last night after my nightly dose of leftovers binge (Gawd!) The series not the movie... Carrie wrote about her relationship with New York... I do wish I’m in NY each time I watch Sex and The City. Although I know it is not really what it seems on the TV series, I believe that it is the city of opportunity and hope. I always have hope. Even when things turn sour and the world is laughing at me.

So I don’t live in NY. I live in this small town where people eat what they breed, hang out on motorbikes by the roadside and go to the shrink when they caught flu. The only reason I pretty much spend 4 days a week here is because of my family. My family is still here. We’re still living in the same house, the one that I’ve been living in since I was 7-year-old.I still sleep in the same bedroom. I already took down the Spice Girls and Pokemon posters, but it is the same bedroom.

I have to admit the fact that I’m not at all proud of my hometown. Nothing to shout about. I hardly saw any tourist around here, unlike Penang or Malacca. But this is where I grew up. I might be moving out in the near future, take with me the whole content of my closet (OK, maybe half!) and might not come back as often, but this place right here will always be my hometown and like it or not, I am still that small-town boy.

I'm like Jenny from the Block right? Ha-ha!

Alright... Enough of that! Here's me and Zaki doing our thang against the wall at the Sungei Wang plaza yesterday.

We're gorgeous right?! NOT!
Song playing inside my head: Sarah McLachlan's U Want Me 2


Anonymous said…
u know, lipstick jungle is going to be out on Astro. candance Bushnell punye story gak. I finished the book!

Fash said…
hana, dah two episodes dah i tengok dekat starworld. love it=)
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