Just Because

Heritage@Forever 21 hoodie, Zara graphic tee, Topman skinny jeans & bag from Seed
H&M striped tee, black skinny jeans and bag from Reebok

This will be a quick one.

It had been quite a week for me… A lot of things… More than I could handle… Craziness!

But I managed to get quite a number of things done here and there. I even made a few important decisions, which was really tough. What the heck! This is fash-un-able right?! Not the-universe-revolves-around-me.com, so I better write about something else.

I forgot to mention about the fasting month. There’s only one word to describe it: CHALLENGING. I’ve been working my ass off here. Trying to get my life together, work, friends, friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Zaki!), challenged students, my aunt’s assignments (don’t ask)… all the boring stuff. Life is tough enough as it is and throw in a little hunger! Now we’re talking.

But I’m holding on. I’m fine.

Went out yesterday with Zaki. It was his birthday. Too bad we were both fasting. I could’ve bought him cake… or drinks… or both?! KLCC was not as much fun as it used to be, like when I was just a first year degree student. I still can’t figure out what’s wrong. I guess now it is more about whether Zara, Topman or Armani is on discount or not. I used to have only 30-bucks in my wallet and still managed to find a few knick-knacks that I could take home to show to my hostel mates. It could be a RM19 tee, glitter-glue or cassettes from the discount bins. But yesterday, I walked pass Gucci and wish that I could at least get hold of the shoes from the new collection… But of course I settled for a brown Primavera leather shoes instead. It was 70% off.

I didn’t really need a new pair of shoes. I just bought it because I hate going back home empty handed. I need to have something in my shopping bag. And one pair of shoes just won’t do! I dragged Zaki to Kinokuniya and loaded on some “office supplies” which again, not on my shopping list.

Tell me now. Who needs three sets of multi-color highlighters?! For god-sake!

Song playing inside my head: Sia's Breathe Me


Unknown said…
umang aiiihhh... biar botu neh.. mmg ekau ni takdo kojo len nak menghabihkan duittt jo.. rokok da mahal.ko sodar tak??? isap rokok jamban jolah pasni.
Fash said…
wat 2 do som...
Anonymous said…
and u call this a quick one?
hehe panjang ok!
Fash said…
I was not planning to yip-yap for too long..hehehe..but i got inspired=)
Anonymous said…
ooohhhh ok
Liyana Hanim said…
omg!!!i feel the same way everytime i go shopping..i just can't go back empty handed..nevaaa!!haha