Just another day at the office. They have 'buka puasa' dinner planned later on. So now the students and some staff are all busy cooking and preparing for it. I stay in my room and read other people's blog instead... Well, well... I heard Jezmine wants to give up her blog and Perez Hilton is still as rude as ever...

I decided to snap a few pictures using my cellphone because these days I seem to forget that I actually own a proper good-megapixels camera. I have a few things planned for this week. I have to go back to my parents' tomorrow to get some 'proper' clothes to wear to the 'special' sale at Topman on Thursday and party at Robbinson on the same day. I also hope that I can meet up with Bayne and Amish this weekend because I seriously need to sit down and catch up with these two of my fave gal-pal. We have serious amount of bitchin to do sistah! Call me=)

So here are the pictures. Out of boredom, I come out with these:

Bodyshop Face Protector: Protection against Negeri Sembilan extreme heat and sunshine. Ha-ha!

New Primavera shoes that I wear to work today. My first office shoes that are not black.

Aren't these the cutest thing?! The cow-paperclip that comes in a pack of five.

The view outside my office. Nothing much right? That is exactly what my point is.

Song playing inside my head: The Shins' Phantom Limb


Anonymous said…
oh i have that cow paperclip. and i have ducks, penguins and lions.

Fash said…
supercute right?!
Unknown said…
cepat.this wik jumpa okesssss... ko jgn tak jadi jibrauk.