The Rejects

I have thousands of photos that I should have posted here but I didn't. Sometimes I can be a little bit selfish.. Ha-ha! Just because I was not wearing something nice or my photos were just simply blah, I refused to write or even mention about certain event or outing that I actually took part in. So here goes:

This was taken during the buka puasa dinner that the college held a few weeks ago. I guess it can be seen clearly from this picture that the students and the staff were having a ball; line-dancing and all. I was not part of it though. I was minding my own business at the buffet table throughout the evening. Ha-ha!

And here are two of my nieces trying to catch some ZZZ, but I annoyed them with my camera flash and kept the TV on past 2 am.

This is me and Wafi. He came to collect his stuff from the hostel and stayed past midnight for some updates on our lives and not to mention a whole lot of gossiping. He mocked my 'loyalty' and 'devotion' to the current place that I'm working because I was the one who desperately wanted to leave. It ended up with me staying and the rest of my colleague at that time leaving. Funny... Ooh..Btw, we were at the mamak's, I was in my home T-shirt and I was not wearing any underwear. Ha-ha!

The 'damage' that Wan Lau and me caused during buka puasa last week! We ate like a couple of hungry ______ (insert name of a REALLY hungry animal here!) We scoured the Ramadhan Bazaar for good food and stuffed ourselves until we couldn't hardly speak (or breathe!). The worse thing was I actually had to teach an 8pm class with my pants unbuttoned after that! It was hysterical! That evening was a lot of fun...Ha-ha!

And these are all pictures of Zaki and me inside the Monorail. Exhausted but trying our best to look super fabulous. I posted pictures from this outing like a month ago, but I thought these pictures are too grainy. We both looked good though, like the only thing that matter. Yeah, right!

Song playing inside my head: Kylie's Please Stay