Runway to Reality

Stressful week… that’s all I want to say… I choose not to talk (write) about it.

Allow me to make a few quick shout out. First, to Bayne and my Mom who shared their birthday on 31st August. Two of the most important people in my life; a friend and of course my mother. I also would like to send my love to M. I felt like a complete idiot the day that you told me about the operation. I know you will be just fine and please keep me updated. Text me, IM me! I wanna know.

So last weekend was the Independence Day. I was in KL with Kmai. Been sooo-long since the last time I saw her. She came all the way from the north of the country just to catch up and settle a few things before heading back on Sunday. That must had been extremely tiring. But it was nice to be able to FINALLY see her. We had a lot to talk about and Kmai has always been like a sister to me. She’s the one who always give me that slap back to reality each time I go astray. Well it is part of her job. She’s a teacher and I knew right from the start she would make a really great teacher. She has all the qualities, unlike moi! She got it all=)

Some of the questions that she asked me upon our little get together last week:-

"Why can't you just quit smoking?"

"When was your last sip of liquor?"

"When are you going start saving for your own car?"

Well I did a lot (read: waaaay too much) of shopping with her, regardless. I bought my second pair of shoes in less than two weeks! I made some impulse purchase in Topman. I just couldn’t resist! There was this really cool bird-print open-neck t-shirt and dark cuffed-jeans that I just couldn’t say no to. They are all in my size and 70% discounts. Tell me now, who can resist the 70% discounts!?

I’m not sure if I had mentioned about my new blog logo? Fash[un]able with the little hanger at the side. How cute is that? I designed it myself and the photo of the hanger was lifted from Yahoo! or something. I just couldn’t bother with the photo’s credit. Ha-ha=) I hope all my roomful of readers like it. Tell me what you think because I know Hana and Wan think it suits the whole theme of the blog. Leave your comments aite!?

I did checked out a few other blogs, mostly fashion blogs like BryanBoy’s and this one Singaporean kid (let just call him SK) who draw his inspiration straight from the runways. I actually took the trouble to leave comment on this SK blog. I gave him my 2-cents worth on his ankle socks and boat shoes ensembles. I just thought that it was just a little bit gauche to wear ankle socks together with cuffed pants and boat shoes. But he fired back criticizing my ‘ensembles’ instead. Ha-ha!

The thing is, I choose not to wear my clothes straight from the runways. As much as I wanted to pile on accessories like Gucci, wear my blue-shirt front-to-back like Prada and pin on a tiny, little chili brooch on my lapels like Etro, I just couldn’t do it. I believe in taking what I saw on runways one or two steps down. Fashions that we saw on runways are most of the time over the top and to certain extend, not practical at all (think John Galliano and his bloody and beaten up models).

I just grab a few ideas here and there from the runways and never in a million years copy the look from head to toe and I will never do layers because I live in a tropical country. Ha-ha!
As much as I envy Bryanboy and his SPECIAL relationship with Marc Jacobs, I will never put on a dress like him or prance around the city in equestrian boots or go to club in pajamas. Not my style darlin’…
P/S: I rolled up my Ralph Lauren khakis, but I thought it made me look fat. I changed into my
new skinny jeans after the picture was taken. Hah!
Song playing inside my head:Kirsty McColl's In These Shoes? (Catherine Tate Show Theme)


Anonymous said…
kak mai!!!!!!!!! lama gile tak jumpa kak mai. dia kerja kat mane?

and yes, i love the hanger! hehe
Anonymous said…
70% discount? even i cant resist.
ok, kalau time broke, boleh kut.

Fash said…
she's in kedah la..teaching..i know u love the hanger=) we should go shopping 2gether.
Anonymous said…
yeah we should. i pick, u pay.

Unknown said…
cantik weyh kak mai.. nampak semakin jelita gitu.. auuuu!!!

tq nep for the bday u heaps.weyh.. operation apa ni? is everything ok?byk duit kau shopping je.. aku kering.. hampa.
Fash said…
i pay? oh gosh! heheh=)