Sometimes I got too caught up with writing about my other obsessions (music, movies etc) that forgot about the ‘fash’ in fash-un-able. But then again, I never really announced the arrival of my blog as a fashion blog. It’s a lifestyle blog people. Lifestyle from the viewpoint of yours truly, H&F. Ha-ha!

Well in terms of the ‘fash’ I have plenty to talk about. Like the Emmy fashion. Heidi Klum really stepped up her game this time wearing Armani Prive. She’s my best-dressed of the night. But can somebody tell me what the fuck Eva Longoria was thinking? I guess she was just trying to hide her bump. She’s not fat right? She’s just..PREGNANT! She better not trying to pull a J.Lo on us! McDreamy was a hit too in his Versace (of course!) Shawl collar and all, love it. I decided not to talk about Jenny Love’s Carolina Harrera though because it’s just too painful…

I came across this ‘tricky’ Y3 boots picture from some fashion blog. How cool is that! A zip up with lace up underneath. What a crazy idea but I love it=)

And I took some photos of myself last night, trying to do it like Marc Jacobs spread. Ha-ha! I was actually trying on my rope-belt. It was originally a wallet chain but like I mentioned previously, who the fuck still wear those things? My high-waisted Topman jeans are kinda tricky too. I’m running out of ideas on how to rock it. I guess I have to tuck in my shirt so that the detailing around the waistband can be seen, like the slit and buckle at the back. It’s kinda tough though because I have this little visible tummy situation. I’ll look ok if I try not to breathe too much.

Song playing inside my head: Kanye West's Good Morning


Anonymous said…
love heidi's dress!!!
Fash said…
armani baybee!!hehheh=)