Tag 1

Hana tagged me and seriously people, I'm not too familiar with this tagging business. I've seen it on other people's blog but never really tried it. So here's my first shot at tagging. I mean, do people really care to answer to this shit? I'm doing this for Hana tho=) So here are 15 fun-facts about H&F:

Fact 1 - I wear short pants in primary school up until Standard 4..or 5..Ha-ha!

Fact 2 - The only word to describe my sense of style when I was still in school= TRAINWRECK!

Fact 3 - My parents didn't really allow me to shop at that time so I wore my sisters' hand-me-downs=(

Fact 4 - My favorite breakfast is baked-beans.

Fact 5 - I'm actually quite good at crafts ( Martha Stewart ain't got nothing on me!)

Fact 6 - I'm scared of the future.

Fact 7 - My favorite band is Coldplay, so it's only natural that I hate OneRepublic (being labeled the American Coldplay and all) . But people, I secretly dig their music!

Fact 8 - I'm the odd one out in my family. Coming from this very small town, they(aunts, uncle and cousins) think I'm too westernized (read:bad-influence). But who the fuck cares?! It's not like I eat out of their palms.

Fact 9 - Pssst... I might have gained a few pounds throughout the past couple of months. Shit!

Fact 10 - I'm a cheap-skate. I buy CDS and DVDs from discount bins. I love the fact that I spent like only 5-bucks on backdated magazines. I got my Ben Shermans, H&Ms, DKNYs and Lucky Brands from Factory Outlet Stores. Ha-ha!

Fact 11 - I'm concern about the environment.

Fact 12 - Confident people intimidates me

Fact 13 - I secretly wished that I am filthy rich and don't have to lift a finger to earn money.

Fact 14 - I' m scared of reptiles... all kinds!

Fact 15 - I don't like kids.

And the 5 people I'm tagging are Bayne, Wafi, Bert, Nana & Aie.


Anonymous said…
u did this for me? sweet of you!!!!

fact 13: me too brader. me too!

fallen angel said…
ohhhh so schwettt.. aku da post. bacalah.hehe