4 October 2008

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I often wonder why people always pretend as if they care about you so much when they don’t really give a rat ass. They keep on asking you questions which they use as their weapon of concern. They give you that pity look which looks totally repulsive on their already ugly faces. Relatives… They march to your house with their always deceiving and cunning attitude. Not only in the comfort of your own house on festive season, but also at weddings, funerals, birthday parties, family gathering etc etc. They just couldn’t leave you alone and God knows I hate them!

So they asked me, “Do you have a girlfriend? How old are you now?” and I said “No”. But before I can even give them my actual age and explain the reason for my choice to stay single (which on second thought, I didn’t really have to), they started to point out several names of “cousins” and “friends” around my age who are either engaged or married or even worse, have three kids. They gave me this “look” in between their sheepish smiles and giggles. They were like mocking my lack of companionship and love life. Come on! I’m only 25 and I’m a guy. I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, menopause and all that shit right? I’m 25, I’m single and that’s my choice.

I wish their hideous outfits and cheap perfumes were all their choices too.

Their next question was “How come you still don’t have your own car?” And I gave up. I mean, WHY?! Why can’t they just leave me alone? All of a sudden they are car experts and they started to decide “which car will suit my personality and lifestyle”. Who are these people?! My GOD!! I decided to leave before they start asking my monthly salary. They are all just disgusting. They crawl under my skin like fuckin leeches sucking on my blood or in this case, my pride and self-esteem.


Unknown said…
These kind of peeps should flee from this earth surface.
I'm 28 and I'm happy too.
Still single.
So WTF *wow that's fantastic!

Believe me, i've been going thru dis situationj since 23.

Biar je mereka dgn keluarga mereka.

Asal kite bahagia dengan diri kite =D
Nay...we don have to explain to them.
We just mind our own businness.
Unknown said…
Oops...wrong spelling for 'business'
Fash said…
ye la...i dun care really.but it annoys me 2 death! ha-ha!
Anonymous said…
nosy people... i hate them too.
Anonymous said…
but i couldnt care less
Fash said…
u have to face the exact same thing hana?

theyre just sad
Anonymous said…
no. not really. hahaha my relatives doesn't question me.

im very fond of my family. or maybe im the type yg org tanye, i jawab. u know, i tak terasa2 ke ape.

neighbours however keep asking bile nak kawin? everytime they do, i just said, tunggu la kad kawin.


and i agree about choices. it's individual's choice. no one should redirect somebody's choice. (excluding drugs, murder case) Advice is necessary. you may dont want to follow the advise, but u should listen politely nevertheless.


makes the world a cheerful place to live in. hehehe

bile nak hang out hannef?
Fash said…
it's hard 2 keep being polite to these people who obviously don't respect other people's privacy.

i did try my best tho...

im in KL almost every weekend. sometimes, even on weekdays.

gimme a date and place. i'll just show up=)
Heiso said…
Honeybunch, don't u think u're over-reacting a bit here?
I mean they're just nosy relatives. Isn't it what relatives are for?
Fash said…
always have issues with relatives..

i dunno why lah

some of them are really nice tho..