On Jeff Timmons, belly-dancing and Ode to Art

And I went to Low Yat with Zaki on Sunday. He was supposed to collect his faulty USB drive from one of the “nerd-central” there. He ended up getting a new one because apparently they misplaced the one that he took back for repair.

Lunch was at U-CafĂ©, Bukit Bintang. I was sooo- fuckin broke (I still am actually) that I didn’t buy anything except for this super-cheap (but chic!) oversized canvas bag from one of the stall in Sungei Wang. 45-bucks people! Ha-ha!

Zaki in Jack & Jones

I tried on some clothes from Heritage@ Forever 21 but made my way out of there empty handed. I like some of the jackets and hoodies though. Maybe I’ll just wait till my next paycheck.

White jacket from Heritage at Forever 21, vintage reversible blue tee, Diesel short pants, new bag from Sungei Wang, hat from Radioactive and flip-flops from Topman

Jeff Timmons was in Pavillion. We caught his glimpse with some burly bodyguards surrounding him at M.A.C boutique. We were not star-struck or anything but one of his people handed us the flyers for his showcase at Planet Hollywood. Did we look like 98 Degrees fans to them? I hope not!

Jeff Timmons at Planet Hollywood y'all

And there was this opening for a new gallery in Pavillion. I love arts and things like that. I always do, especially contemporary art. I used to draw for a while when I was in school (seriously Bayne!). But I stopped and decided to channel my art flair into different things. The gallery was "Ode to Art" by the way. Check it out next time you’re in Pavillion.

The gallery launch

By the way, Zaki took all of these shot using his camera (including the photo of belly-dancer shaking it at the entrance of Tang's) because I forgot to charge my cell phone battery the night before. I’m currently relying solely on my cell phone camera remember? And no, I don’t want to talk about my Samsung camera please=(

Work it like Shakira


Hafez Zahruddin said…
Ya... Itu dia feshen seperti drug pusher.
Sori uols, I gurau je. Ye, kau chantek memukau bergaya canggeh...

Anonymous said…
love the first pic. cantik angle tu
Fash said…
thx 2 Zaki for the photos..

apis. siap ko!