Out and About.. Like Finally!!

In Calvin Klein tee, David Bitton hoodie, Northern Rock jeans, bag from Seed and my fave wayfarers

I spent almost the entire Raya holiday at home. Watching TV, catching up with my two sisters, catching up on sleep, finishing up half jar of raya cookies in one sitting, stuffing my already fat belly with all the "bad" foods. Raya was okay, but seriously nothing to shout about.

But finally on Sunday (the 5th day of raya), I suddenly felt like I had enough of all that and decided to take my full stomach out of the house back to the city. The jeans are a little tighter than it supposed to be... But what the fuck! I make it work. The destination; Pavillion. They don't call us mallrats for nothing people!

It was not that much about shopping or splurging on the luxaries. Holding cigarette at the entrance next to the garbage bin is good enough reason to smile. Ha-ha! After the whole month of curbing the desire to light up in the middle of daylight and fighting the demons calling out for apple crumble cake before 7pm=) It was not easy. Not at all! Ciggies and cake; love em and can't leave em alone=)

So I'm fat! See for yourself. Ha-ha!

I'll go back home today and find my "Yoga for Abs DVD".

I promise=)

Song playing inside my head: Britney's Womanizer


Anonymous said…
u dont look fat at all