Summer 09

Most designers have unveiled their latest Spring 09 collection at fashion weeks around the world since the past few months. Their recent stop was at the New York Fashion Week.

I always love summer collection because it always makes more sense in my sunny little country. We don’t wear gloves and heavy scarves around our neck crossing the road of Starhill forgodsake! I love resort collection too. Gucci resort collection has always been my favorite, last year for instance. Ooh btw, they don’t call it resort. It’s Gucci Cruise Collection. It’s the same thing right? Cruise, Resort, pre-fall… got it all mixed up all the time!

Anyways, yours truly H&F on the other hand has finally reached to the point of having a closet full of clothes but still ended up sporting the same outfit over and over again. Same tees, same shoes, same jeans and even worse... same underwear! Ha-hah! I'm just playing y'all!! I never failed to put my Calvin's and Renoma's on. It’s crucial, like wallet or house keys!

So I would love to draw inspirations from the Summer 09 runways, do some serious shopping this weekend and eat cheap bread for the rest of the month. Life is tough people!

Feast your eyes! Check out my Summer 09 highlights. I love it and I'm sure you'll do too=)
Dior Homme
3.1 Philip Lim
Richard Chai