Victoria Beckham

I had my fair share of singing my lungs out to Spice Girls' Wannabe in the late 90s. And I do love Spice Girls; my favorite was Baby Spice by the way...

But let us talk about Posh Spice. I have nothing against her. I'm just amazed by the fact that people can't never stop calling her trendsetter and fashion icon. The reality is she's just another WAG with a lot of free time and too much money to spend. And from the look of it, she spends a lot of money on fashion.I'm not too sure about time though.

We should give her some credits for trying. And evidently the long winding road to fashion stardom has been a really bumpy ones for our little posh-girl.

I have proof:

I use two words to describe her fashion; one is "tight", another one is "tacky" =)


Anonymous said…
i used to love spice girls so much during my high school years. well, i think majority of the girls at school couldn't stop yapping about spice girls. ingat tak impulse ade keluarkan spice girls punye body spray.

days and days after the perfume keluar, all the girls in school smell the same..

it was so hilarious!!!!

i used to admire sporty spice. aka Mel C. haha