Chloe and Patrick Ervell

Chloe Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection is the first one for Brit's Hannah MacGibbon after many years of assisting Phoebe Philo. The collection showcases a lot of high-waisted pants, skirts and dresses with huge bows to tie it all up together. The poufy sleeves and heavy shoulder brought back a little bit of drama to the total look along with scallop trimming that emblazoned the hems of jackets and blouses. My favorite is definitely the green jumpsuit. After far too many disappointment from previous collections of other designers, this right here is the only jumpsuit that one should be wearing without being mistaken for someone who's about to jump off an airplane or someone who supposed to fix the engine. Ooh! I spotted Karlie Kloss, Lily Donaldson and Kinga Rajzak on the runway too.

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And as for Patrick Ervell Spring 2009 collection, this came out in September. But what the hell! I still think it's worth a mention. I love the stripes on jackets and pants, the white and gold jacket and the understated color palette (white, light blue, smokey grey and beige). I'll lose like 50 pounds and wear them all because these days I prefer to focus on simplicity and clean lines. No over the top layering, crazy prints or bold accessories. I lean more towards Jill Sander than Dolce these days.

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Ashleigh said…
Oh Chloe!! I used to loveee everything from Chloe but now I'm not too sure... =(
Fash said…
what's wrong? it used to be very flowy and bohemian chic right? now they are leading into different direction I guess.