Gimme a V!

Weekdays are O.V.E.R!

I have a mini vacation planned for the weekend! Yay!

New entry next week.

I leave you guys with some download inspiration to revamp your i-Tunes playlist.

  1. I Hate This Part- Pussycat Dolls ( Strange video clip)
  2. Infinity 2008- Josh Guru Project ( Crazy beats!)
  3. If You Leave Me Now- Chicago ( Classic)
  4. Heartless- Kanye West ( Spankin new)
  5. Another Way to Die- Jack White & Alicia Keys ( Tacky lyrics)
  6. Use Somebody- Kings of Leon ( These guys...)
  7. Don't Believe in Love- Dido ( Finally! I heard this comes with a short movie?)
  8. It's Over- Jesse McCartney ( Guilty pleasure... It's a good song)