Near Jonker Street in my new Juicy Couture tee
At A'Famosa in Topman tee and flip-flops

The destination this time is Malacca. I don't think we can really call it a proper vacation because it was very brief (Read: last minute) and we didn't even stay at the hotel.

Another thing is we didn't carry any suitcase. Haniss packed her stuff in an old Converse bowling bag, Shikin in her Carolina Herrera weekender and I packed some light-weight tees, an old denim shorts and a pair of flip-flops in my canvas- tote to achieve that "tourist-y" look.

It was our little weekend getaway.

And man, we had a lot of fun...

Leen was there. She took us to Jonker Walk, where we spent almost the entire night walking from one stall to another. I snapped a photo of the famous Geographer Cafe with some old folk dancing in a circle to the beat of retro songs. I think they were all drunk. We ended at Leen's (she stays with her parents) and she gave us her room. Thanks Mambo=) Ooh! She paid for dinner too. Thanks.

We went to the other side of Malacca to visit Hanis's grandmother, whom we call Nenek. She lives alone in her big house because her Indonesian maid eloped with a local guy. Well...well...

I listened to her speak and reminisce the good old days... She reminded me of my late grandmother whom I love so much.

The ladies with their new uber-chic handbags

Back to town after that and straight to the A'Famosa for some face-numbing photo sessions. We took a lot of great photographs and I selected a few to be uploaded here. So, enjoy=)

Next trip? We're thinking island somewhere!

Our roadtrip playlist:
  1. Lady Ga-ga's Just Dance
  2. Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album
  3. N.E.R.D & Santogold's My Drive Thru
  4. Madonna's Nothing Fails
  5. Jet's Look What You've Done


Hafez Zahruddin said…
wah, menci la. bestnye jejalan. Eh, sape pelancong Filipina berbeg merah tu?
Fash said…
Beg merah? That one is Shi-kon Panga-ko Sendok.
Unknown said…
how i wish..
bestnya.. jeless mak.
Fash said…
last minute plan...kire ok laaa...
Ridwanlau said…
Ko bergambar dgn Shikin, aku nengok da mcm dlm cerita 'Azura'. Mmg menghasilkan aura fiem melayu era 80an. Sampai aku terbayang skrip@dialog 'skema' ketika itu. Ceh!