Marc & Alexander

I love Marc Jacobs collection for it's childishness. Looking at the complete collection feels like flipping through a collection of childhood photographs of some rebellious kids. Ya know the kind of things that kids do to to their outfits when their mother make them wear something that they don't really like. The way that I "CUSTOMIZED" my hideous school uniform in the 90's. Marc Jacobs brought back capri and beaded necklace back to the top of the must-have list along with some stripes and graphic tee.

I want all the pants please...

Alexander Wang collection is a little bit more exciting this time around, in terms of the color palette. There are some pastels like pink, blue and salmon instead of stark black and white. I still prefer his previous presentation though. I love the whole idea of destroyed denims, peep toe boots and seasoned tees. Very heroine-chic.