The One With Sore-Throat and My Little Pony

Last Gang in Town- black tee from Juicy Couture
I am a walrus!
No! I don't have "the rocking horse winner" syndrome.

Down with fever for a couple of days now. I went to the doctor and he said that there are white spots all over my tonsil, bacterial infection kinda thing. I’m back at work after given a day off yesterday, coughing every like 5-second and try my best not to become such a bitch about it. I am really cranky when I’m sick. My friends would understand. It’s like quadruple the amount of bitchiness that I already have in me. Ha-ha! I went from Laura of Project Runway 3 to Omarosa of The Apprentice. Just like that!

I was all over the place since Thursday. Kopi with the boys in Shah Alam, Mid-Valley for the Metrojaya branded sale (and no thanks to Wafi for the sore throat), job interview at Megan Avenue, breakfast at Dome KLCC afterwards, Mid-Valley again for a laugh-fest with Shikin and Sharina before the doctor appointment on Monday and finally... Here I am!

1.Kopi with the boys in Shah Alam

I haven't seen Nizam for ages. He's rich now! He's like a successful working professional now. I feel so small=( He works with Petronas and I'm happy for him. A little envious, but overall very excited for him.

The other two "students" are done with their Academic Project. It's about time!! But it's kinda sad that they are leaving for their hometown=( I left for my hometown too, but I do come back every now and then right? Can you guys do the same? Huh?

In Obey tee, Topman graphic hoodie and skinny jeans and Vans shoes

2.Mid-Valley for the Metrojaya branded sale (and no thanks to Wafi for the sore throat)

Exactly! I got this from him. He was in Mid-Valley on Friday for a little bit of shopping along with Wan Lau (wearing his new jacket btw). Ooh! I was there too. All of me with my huge belly and fat ass hanging out! Yes people, I gained weight! Gawd! I seriously need to barf like right now!

THE Missoni pants!

I scored a MISSONI pants for a very low price at the Metrojaya branded sale! I've been wearing it for two days in a row now. Ha-ha!

3.Job interview at Megan Avenue and breakfast at Dome KLCC afterwards.

The interview was okay. I tried to exude confidence from every pores throughout the 30 minutes. I have to come back on Thursday for a second round. I can't wait!

I had breakfast at Dome KLCC alone after the interview. That Egg Hollandaise... Sinful...

In GAP tee, Ralph Lauren chinois, brief-case bag (very of the moment!), wayfarers, Casio watch and new piano key bracelet
Little Penang Cafe
Three= Disaster! Ha-ha!

4.Mid-Valley again for a laugh-fest with Shikin and Sharina

While waiting for Sharina and Shikin, I stepped into Toys 'R Us for the first time since like 3,4 years. I don't know the real reason for my action, but I just did. I amused myself with assortments of toys, from Barbies to fairies, from cars to glow in the dark stars... But one thing that really caught my eyes was..get this! My Little Pony=) I know right?! Childish, girlish..whatever! And Cik Sharina,I'm not using it as sex-toys alright?!

Come on! Don't tell me you don't like My Little Pony as a kid! Aren't they like the cutest thing?

Because I do... And I have one resting on my table in front of me. Meet Miss Rainbow Dash=)

Who's prettier?

5.So I was on sick leave yesterday. I went to the clinic in the afternoon, got some stuff for my mom, Star newspaper for my dad and I even asked around at some camera shops if it is possible to have my Samsung camera fixed. All of them refused to do it because it will cost almost the price of a new camera.

I guess I'll just get a new one.

Weekend is officially over.Weekdays are not as much fun...

But we still have to make it through weekdays in order to get into weekends right?

Song playing inside my head: Natasha Beddingfield's Angel


Anonymous said…
cool! i have 4 little ponies! i pun suka my little pony! comel!
Ashleigh said…
AUDREY HEPBURN IS THE PRETTIEST!!!! I'm such a big fan of hers, I go rabid over her photos or movies! =D
Fash said…
Hana: and I know u have barbies too hana=) heheheh...

Ash: breakfast at tiffany's. the LBD... she's an ICON=)