Photo from Miss Perez
This will be a very quick one..

  1. Check out Heidi!!
  2. I'm glad that Mr. Obama won the U.S presidential election. Yay!
  3. I would like to mention some important bithdays. My two sisters (Kak Ngah and Kak Yong), Byni and Shikin. Happy Birthday you guys!!! You are all old hags now!
  4. I'm sick of Friendster. Can we just all move on to Facebook for good? Please?!
  5. I currently have Beyonce, MGMT, The Saturdays, and Guru Josh Project in heavy rotation on my I-tunes.
  6. I cannot shop for the whole month and all of you will be the witness because there will be no new item added to my outfit throughout the month... My photos will be the evidence.Okay, okay! I'll TRY not to shop this month. The key word here is TRY.
  7. Shikin, my dear friend...For the love of god...please don't buy that fugly bag in MMS that you sent to me yesterday.
  8. Pontential employer, please hire me... Ha-ha!
  9. Congratulation to Wan and Sabri on their weddings. And Jet you are next in line=)
  10. I watched the rerun of Project Runway Season 3 on 8TV last night. On second thought, Jeffrey didn't really deserve it. Ulli should be the winner right? Man, I am sooo-going to download the 6th Season like right now!
  11. I traced another copycat! There's this Malay TV series currently airing on Astro about four "fabulous" ladies trying to figure out love and relationship in KL city. Four ladies, fabulous, love, relationship, the city? Don't tell me they never heard of Sex and The City... No?! That didn't ring a bell? Fuck you!! So what's next Malaysian TV producer? Desperate Housewives? Ugly Betty? Come on!!!
Song playing inside my head: The Saturdays' Up


byni said…
old hag?nk kena hang ni..
Fash said…
=)hehehehheh =)
Benni said…
Heard Indians weren't too thrilled about Heidi's outfit...
Fash said…
yes. that's what i heard too. shouldn't take it too seriously...it supposed to be fun and silly.. that is what halloween is all about right?
Ashleigh said…
The Hindus were angry about Heidi's outfit but she totally rocked it!!

And since when are Malaysian TV series or movies ever original? Anyone can see that Ampang Medikal is a rip-off from Grey's Anatomy.
Fash said…
ampang medikal-i cannot find anymore cruel words to use to describe it...