Stuck in The Moment


I am fully booked for the rest of the week. Ha-ha! Looks like there will be no "Weekend In The City" entry this week=( I am pretty much stuck here. I have to work this weekend. And my daily schedule has been all about running around from one location to the next one in order to get things done. I have been busy with classes, a few this and that at the college that I have to settle before I leave next month and my sister is coming back this weekend together with the kids for the school holiday, which means that I will be living inside a zoo for weeks to come. Kids...

The treasure chest from Toys "R" Us
The multipurpose camera necklace
My mood-board

And here are some random photos of myself and cute stuff around in my room that I snapped just for fun. It was raining again last night while I was laughing my ass off watching "Little Britain". The cable connection got interrupted because of the weather. So I decided to fool around in my bedroom doing this:

In DKNY hoodie

Song playing inside my head: Lady GaGa's Poker Face


Ashleigh said…
LOVE the background behind your camera necklace!! ;D
Fash said…
one of the advertisement page from esquire magazine=)