RM 52

Grainy images I know. I forgot to charge my cell that day

I skipped work on Monday because I seriously didn't feel like going. So I tried to do something that I have been wanted to do for so long...

Well money has been a little tight these days. With the new job, moving in to a new house and a whole lot of other things to consider, I have to really think twice about spending my cash.

It was just appropriate that I decided to give budget shopping a shot. I know I have been budget shopping and thrifting for my whole life. But this time I only have like 50 bucks to spend and I challenged myself to get a pair of jeans, a shirt and an accessory to match the outfit.

Another reason for this is because I wanted to get out of my office wear so bad=(

So people, I am so proud to say that I made it with only 2 bucks over budget. That is not too bad right?

I came across a double collared polo shirt that was on discounts for RM 15. The jeans is Northern Rock from F.O.S and it costs RM 30. And my last stop was Vincci where I found a studded bangle that was on sale for RM 7. Howsabout that?

Bite me shopaholics!

Song playing inside my head: Coldplay's Lost+ feat. Jay-Z