Gwen Lu

Presenting... Gwen Lu, MIFA 2008 Model of The Year.

Gwen Lu at Katy Rodriguez
Gwen Lu at Tory Burch
Gwen Lu for Nordstrom catalogue
Gwen Lu for Soon magazine


Ashleigh said…
Gwen is AWESOME!! I love her shots & I'm so glad she won! =D
Fash said…
she's definitely doing it right now... the way ling tan did in the 90s.
Anonymous said…
i like the 3rd baju. trench coat like. i like looking smart. i dont like funky.


hannef, your sentence 'spent the weekend together sounds fishy'. hahaha. oh yes he does. but i guess everyone would be excited if we have what he has. we probably be bragging too. hahahaha

its normal.
Fash said…
oh! we love gwen lu..or loo.she's like the new ling tan.

memang i purposely use 'that' sentence! heheh=)

ya la...he has it all..but still there's this fine line between blogging and bragging about something.right?
Ferosh! Is she from Malaysia?
negeri mane ek?
Fash said…
uhuh...proud to say that she's malaysian.but im not sure which state.
reenz said…
she's from penang!