Label Me

Wearing my dad's plaid shirts and Northern Rock white skinny jeans, Heritage leopard-print hoodie (on the wall)

l9th Dec 2008

I’ve been labeled by people with a lot of different…well, LABELS. People always think that I am too westernized, stuck up, bad-influence, gold-digger, boy-bitch, gay, wannabe, clueless, stupid etc etc…As much as I would like to shove my middle finger to their faces, I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt by all of their nasty name-calling and label-sticking.

A friend’s partner thinks that I am a bad-influence to her man. I might have triggered some girls desire to take up smoking in the past, but that was it. It’s not like I encourage people to try drugs or have sex with strangers, right?

My mom thinks that I am too westernized just because I refused to look “festive” for Hari Raya Aidiladha yesterday. Yes, I wore my gym shorts and tee for the whole day. But I didn’t have Christmas tree in my bedroom either.

And I was close with this one person throughout my uni years. People always think that I was just taking advantage of him/her because he/she has a lot of money and he/she has a car to drive me around with. And it was not at all true! We ended up fighting towards our graduation and haven’t been spoken to each other ever since. I heard he/she hates me now and the funny thing is he/she started to believe that all the rumors are true and what people said about our “friendship” suddenly make sense.

I am officially a gold-digger.

That is why I was not at all surprised when suddenly people are saying that I am gay; simply because I talk about fashion, has a lot of gal-pal and have pedicured toe-nails.

Here people, take this label and stick it on your forehead. It reads~ BUSYBODIES.

Song playing inside my head: Cherish's Killa


Atira. said…
haha i think i like you.

god, who care about what people say?
coz we can never please everyone so why bother trying.
i know what it is coz i've always been labelled too.
the stuck up bitch, perasan hot, poyo, wannabe etc etc.
i know it hurts sometimes but you just have to swallow it. and buat bodoh je.


sorry to hear about your friend. it's such a shame.
Fash said…
hey senorita! i feel for you!ya know that timberlake's song right?

thx for the comment...

i'm always emo like that la..heheh=)

but it hurts sometimes.
tcer_mai said…
i hope im not that friends of yours... i tried my best to stand for u when people say that u r a gay...u know who... anyway just be urself... i believe in u as long as u know ur ground..
Guys..hanef is the most trusted man that i have ever known... well he does have some flaws hahaha, but i know he is a good man.. =p..
tcer_mai said…
sometimes i wonder, u r much better than me... eventhough look bad on the outside...
Fash said…
So, there you go!
Heiso said…
Hey, who's this she/he person? =p
Fash said…
hmmm..i wonder who he/she is...