Lily Allen- New Single

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Lily Allen FINALLY officially released "The Fear" as her first single from her second album "It's Not Me, It's You".

I love the video clip. She looks gorgeous in it and watching the video reminded me of "Marie Antoinette". But the song was originally posted as "I Don't Know" on her Myspace page. I love the song and I hope the album will be as great as "Alright Still".


Ashleigh said…
Lily Allen is awesomeness! I didn't really fancy her at first until I hear her song Fuck You. Hahaha! Explicit, I know but the lyrics are more than just swearing unlike other songs.
Fash said…
her lyrics are clever. Like the song about her brother "Alfie" and another one about "Cheryl Tweedy". Her life is troubled tho.
Anonymous said…
i love lily allen!