Make It Work

Counting down the days in this small office. Three weeks to go before I leave. Excited, but knowing myself so well, I couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous.

I still have a lot of things to do here. The students still have no frickin idea that I'm leaving. I wonder if they'll ever miss me. Ha-ha!

So today, I'm preparing the minutes for all the previous meetings that I have been putting on hold. Yawn! I have class at 2 pm and another one in the evening when all the adult learners will gather in one classroom to learn English from (and I'm not kidding)~ME!! When I think about it, it's a little crazy to make all these uncles and aunties do exercises on Past Participle Tense or take turns to answer comprehension questions. They are all like triple my age.

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Ooh! I signed this little petition they made to improve and update the law for wildlife in Malaysia because apparently the Malaysia's Protection of Wild Life Act 1972 is 36 years old. It's undated and according to the petition,riddled with loopholes.

So please sign the petition HERE and help to protect and change the fate of our orang utans, elephants, whales, tigers and even the hippos.

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I love her.. the fur coat is killin me

Do our part for OUR nature. And my fellow fashion people, please don't wear fur.

Song playing inside my head: Bjork's Earth Intruders


Azzam?? said…
im gonna kill a lot of animal and wear their fur as suits out of spite! muahahahah xD
Ca said…
If you must in the name of following fashion trends (ugh...) and style sense (eeeh?), then do faux fur at least.
Fash said…
exactly=)some people might disagree with me, but i'm okay with leather (calf-skin, lambskin etc) because they are not from exotic animals.

and people, i am no vegetarian.
Azzam?? said…
so... killing a 'certain' type of animal okay laa plak?? i thought u're against cruelty to animals as a whole.. =D