It was Malaysian International Fashion Week 2008 last week. I had to work, so I was nowhere near the entire event=(

I have the names of the Malaysia International Fashion Award winner tho'

1) MIFA Designer of The Year Award-Sonny San
2) MIFA Model of the Year-Gwen
3) MIFA Most Promising Designer-Michelle Hee
4) MIFA Best Evening Wear designer-Kyuan
5) MIFA Best Casual Wear Designer-Julia Leong
6) MIFA Best Avant Garde designer-Michelle Hee

This is one of the collection showcased on the runway from local design house, PU3.

And it has this very uncanny resemblance to Beyonce's House of Dereon creation, no? Tell me what you think.

I just have only one thing to say.

We have a long way to go darlin...

Photos frome HERE and HERE


Anonymous said…
i'm still tired from the work. hahaa

malas update
Fash said…
and i have to work on Monday.

Yaya said…
nana got the invitation card for free!!
Fash said…
i definitely can get the invitation. tapi have to work...so...