Wearing my new A.P.C sweater, Renoma tee (underneath), Ralph Lauren pants, Padini bag and Aldo shoes
The carnival theme Xmas in Mid-Valley
The girls and me
Reminds me of Britney's Circus

Shikin and Hanis are currently in Jogjakarta. Spending some quality time with their family and of course for Hanis, it's her boyfriend. I have to stay here and work obviously because a) I still have another week here at this college and b) I still don't have an international pasport=(

So the girls decided to meet up for a little catch up in Mid-Valley last week before they took off.

Complete sets of Japanese food, venti Starbucks and a whole lot of gossiping=)

Song playing inside my head: Britney's Circus


naboonies said…
Hello again..It's been a while since i tgk ur blog...wahh byk update dah rupanye.

Looking good! hmm been wondering where did you get the APC stuff?
H&F said…
the apc sweater? haha.i didn't go oversea to get it.that's for sure=)