Twilight Like Starlight

The movie
Smoking outside The Curve (It kills people!)
Our mirror reflections at Ikea
In an old Seed low-cut polo-shirt, Topman cuffed-jeans, vintage rings, carry-alls from Sungei Wang and Reebok high-tops

I watched Twilight with Wafie on Saturday. My first time in theater after the whole "Dark Knight" incident... Yes! I slept for the whole two hours of the movie=(

To my own surprise, I didn't fell asleep on Twilight. Rare occasion I know!! And it was one heck of a good enough reason to celebrate. So I splurged like a mad heir at Ikea. We love Ikea... I love the fact that I can just walk in with ten bucks inside my wallet and still be able to grab like five items.

The candles are two-bucks, the cute, artsy-fartsy postcards and cute boxes are five-bucks and sometimes I buy some cutlery for my mom that cost like four-bucks. All the senduk and spoon. It's a perfect place for Christmas shopping right?

And Christmas is also a long-awaited season for cam-whoring, mall-rat like me. I can snap pictures like there's no tomorrow! I love the giant X-mas tree,the reindeer, the elves and SANTA! Oh gosh! I wish we have snow.

Ooh! Btw, yesterday was Hari Raya Aidiladha=) Selamat Hari Raya my Muslim friends=)

P/s: My tits are visible but WTF=)

Song playing inside my head: Linkin Park's Leave Out All The Rest (taken from the movie)


Ca said…
I'm using an Olympus, an old one I got from a relative. He bought a new camera so I received the Olympus as gift.

Hope you enjoyed the film, I always love night outs at the cinema. Recently watched Brideshead Revisited, dreamy one!
Fash said…
i think the world knows that i dropped by camera and it broke into pieces=( i'm thinking about getting a new one.
byni said…
i luv twilight..=)
Fash said…
i know u gonna love twilight la byni=)