Here It Goes Again

Shades at night (from Marks & Spencer)

With the boys and our new haircut
KL from this little hill near Anne's house
Wafi, Anne and my poker face

Gosh! Someone hasn't been updating for quite sometimes... Things are still all over the place and I still feel awkward at work, but I'm trying the best that I could. Blend in, make it like I've been there forever. I hate the students. They are a bunch of stinky foreigner with funny accents and built in cockiness. They made us people who teach them feel as if they are our employer, which is not true because they don't pay our salaries. But what the hell, I don't plan to stay there forever. In fact, I am currently looking for a new job=)

And I finally have a social life on weekdays. So it is no longer only weekend in the city now. I get off work everday at 3.30pm, wander around KLCC for a while before having early dinner or just simply a cup of coffee with my friends. Nizam works at the Twin Tower so I've seen him a lot. Ben is here too and he has been bitchin' non stop about his first job, the way that I did back in 2007. I feel for you bro! And then there's Shikin who seems like her purpose of existence is to annoy me at any given chance. But I love her=)

After one of those Lady Gaga's party (in GAP tee and Topman cardie)
The lanterns at Time Square
In Seed Work shirt and Topman skinny tie
In front of Wafi's old office
Ben and Nizam
Wafi is sooo-sad about leaving

So I am finally here... Not exactly like the way I always pictured it to be, but I am here dammit! I am finally reunited with my friends (we are all like five minutes train-rides away from one another), I have this little bedroom all to myself complete with tacky Mickey Mouse stickers that the previous tenant pasted all over the bathroom wall. I come back from work everyday greeted by a bunch of school kids who gamble outside my front door... and I wake up at 6.30am every single day now, which is like the hardest part of it all=(

Well, well...

It is definitely not easy. Whenever things turn sour, whenever I have to stand inside the LRT, I have Fergie's Glamourous playing on my mp3 player... and I started to spell. G.L.A.M~O.R.O.U.S yeah!

Song playing inside my head: Song from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Howl


Anonymous said…
i love fergie's glamorous too!!
Fash said…
And she started to spell~ G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S