Barsonic and Bags

I went to Barsonic on Saturday with a bunch of friends. Although I am sucker for sing-along R&B, I always wanted to go and experience electronica, new wave, dance, indie and trance because I kinda like them too.

But after 2 hours in Barsonic, I have to say that I love my Ghetto Heaven more than anything else. There were two songs that I like among the playlist that night. One is MGMT's Kids and the other one is Ting Ting's That's Not My Name.

But there's always one place that I never get tired of- KLCC! He-heh! There's just so much things to do and so many designer boutique to choose from. I snapped a few pictures outside Louis Vuitton because I simply love the late Stephen Sprouse tribute collection.

Song playing inside my head: Keane's Love is The End


Anonymous said…
love ting ting's thats not my name too.

and i hate LV's handbags. not my taste. mcm tua punye style. hehe

i saw few makciks with them. for sure beli kat petaling street. haha
Fash said…

but they are soooo-freakin expensive.