Talk to a Stranger

Things has changed a lot since last year...Gosh! You have no freakin idea... Everything seems like 100 times more difficult at the moment.

But I'm fine... I have Lady GaGa and Coldplay with me everyday to work.

I've been out shopping a lot. Nothing can beat the feeling of hanging my 20-bucks GAP, DKNY, Old Navy, Michael Kors, H&M and Springfield in my closet. It's the best feeling in the world...

But it's a bit lonely. I feel like an exchange student sometimes. Still figuring out my way around each and every corner of the city and my workplace. I developed a new habit lately. I talk to strangers, especially any given opportunity. But I never talk to locals because they might think that I'm a freak.
I had this little chat with this lady from UK. She was sitting next to me in front of Topshop KLCC. She was unwrapping her new purse from DKNY and started taking out stuff from her old beat up wallet into the new ones. I just looked at her and smiled because I always do exactly the same thing whenever I purchase something new. She smiled back at me and said "What the hell right?". We chatted a little bit more after that about designers boutiques in KL and how overpriced Topman/Topshop in Malaysia is.


I remember getting this really red, hot briefs from Calvin Kleins once. I liked it so much that I almost changed into it right after I walked out of the store.

Nope. I didn't do it...
Song playing inside my head: Coldplay's Life in Technicolor II


Anonymous said…
hey funny gile terus tukar new wallet depan2 tu juga. if i were her, id do it in the washroom. hehe

oh yes, ive done it a thousand times.

well ok thats exaggeration.

ive done it 5 times kut :p
Fash said…
She's nice. That's why i always talk to foreigner.