Love In This Club

Wafi and Anne
With Ryan
Wearing shirt by Topman

I’ve been having too much fun this weekend. Waaay too much, which totally explains my out of control behavior when we were out clubbing on Friday night=) I went with Ryan. He’s my flat mate and he got a couple of friends along with us that night. We had such a great time dancing all night long. I don’t always do things that I did that night but, what the hell! I took my chance and I’m sure it’s just a one-night kinda thing… It is kinda obvious what I did right? C’mon people! You were at a bar, someone said “hi” and whatelse can happen after that!? You tell me!

“Love in This Club” is no longer just a song people.


Anonymous said…
u were out of control?

hehehe never seen that side of u before.
Fash said…
And thank go 4 dat=)
Ca said…
Uhmm... someone said "hiya, wanna dance?" and you jumped on the table and started moving like a madman? Wait, I did that once... haha! No, I'm not even going to guess.

Fun fun fun, enjoy!
Fash said…
well... something like that.


But it was a fun night.