Lost Pictures

With Kak Long and Kak Som (in Topman cardie and H&M tee)

Channeling Ugly Betty in green cardie (cardie by secret label and undershirt by Topman)

The Fourskin shoes
Free dinner

I don't know what the fuck they were doing at first. But later I found out that it was some kind of promotion that they were having at Mid Valley. This group of people suddenly stopped while they were in the middle of doing a lot of different activities for like 5 minutes. I wonder how they managed to keep a straight face and hold their positions when they were a lot of people taking their pictures and trying their very best to make them move.

Fake smiles

Wafi as a child. Me as a happy child=) (in green cardie by secret label, Springfield shirt, Topman Twister jeans and flipflops)

Song playing inside my head: Duffy's Stepping Stone


hi, dropping by again.. all i wanna say is.. I f***ing love the pointy Fourskins!!!

Great purchase!!!
Zoe said…
hey ya,just wondering how much is the fourskin boots?it's classy :)when you bought them,do you know if they come in women size?
Fash said…
It's a steal at less than 100bucks. I'm not sure about women size but you can always check it out. I got mine from Sg. Wang.