Friday night with Ryan (in Springfield shirt and Forever 21 plastic specs)

I'm so ashamed of the fact that my blog doesn't really have regular updates like Joyce's or Jezmine's. I think people can actually noticed how sometimes I simply put some pictures with a couple of lines underneath it just for the sake of updating. Hahah!

Well, I tried... It's all about timing and how terrible I'm at managing my life.

It feels great at the moment. The way how things worked out and life suddenly shedding it's rougher skins to reveal the softer and brighter inside of it.. And how new friendships are being built and getting stronger each day. The only part that I hate is the fact how the old ones suddenly feels like falling apart and leaving me behind like it was just a portion of my life from years and years ago.

I always have been the mean ones who rejected friend requests from 'people who knew me from high school' on Facebook. I'm going back and forth about shutting down my Friendster because how 'overcrowded' it is and how lame the page looks like upon the invention of Facebook and Twitter. But people, I am nowhere near ready to ditch my best friends anytime soon. It's just that we haven't had time for each other.

Somewhere between boyfriends, work, unconscious retail mishaps, psycho students, wedding plans, master-degree assignments and Friday nights of dance-floor commanding, we kinda lost one another and forgot the way how we used to seek solace on one another's presence.

I'm going to have to do something about all these...

Song playing inside my head: Sara Bareilles's Gravity


Anonymous said…
u wear spec?
Unknown said…
im sorry that we didnt have time together.jumaat ni weyh, lepak ng amish. pas class ktrg pi klcc. wajibul. ok u always.