Talented Mr. Chalayan

These are actually from Hussein Chalayan's Spring/Summer'09 collection called "Inertia". He unveiled the collection about a few months back. I know I'm a bit behind but I don't really care people!

It's a little bit more wearable this time around and it is not a laser-installation dress either. I love the way he combined art, architecture, design and couture, but I still think clothes are to be worn. It is not something that we put inside the glass box in an art museum.

I still think he's awesome tho and I wonder what is going on inside his shiny head?


Hafez Zahruddin said…
I think Hussein Chalayan is a genius. Kerja dia semuanya 'alive' ye, dari segi metafizik atau flow.
Tapi tak tahan ada saru runway show dia, model tu daripada berbaju, tetiba baju dia susut sendiri automatiknya melilit tuuuut, terus jadi bogel.