Life in Songs

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1. Carole King’s So Far Away
I haven’t been home for quite some times. I have been keeping myself busy with this life that I have right here. It’s hectic… just hectic. I missed my family so much, my bedroom and mom’s new flat-screen TV…

2.The Beatles’ Let It Be
Things had been awesome and ‘scarily’ smooth sailing for the past couple of weeks. It scared me because I know there would be some rough patches ahead of me. It happens all the time. When things are simply too good to be true and ridiculously too easy for me, I know I am a few steps away from some kind of hell. When the time comes, I may cry or simply breakdown because I just don’t know what to do.

3.Chicago’s If You Leave Me Now
Sometimes I have to be reminded of how wonderful it is to be in love. It’s been quite sometimes=)

4.Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah
In helpless situations and there’s nothing much that I can do…

5.Coldplay’s Postcards From Far Away
On repeat throughout my one hour train ride home… The trees, dried leaves, houses, street lights, blue sky, sleepy towns… and I’m floating.

6.Norah Jones’s Long Day Is Over
After half the day at work… Exhausted mind, aching body, stiffed muscles and sore feet… I just need to step out of my work clothes and lie down to sleep before doing it all over again the next day.

7.Corinne Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On
I laugh each time I think about my friends and all the troubles that we went through in uni. That was three years behind us without us even knowing it. Time had passed, we are different and nothing will remain the same.

Cheers to the present and to whatever crap that we have ahead of us!


Hafez Zahruddin said…
When it comes to the song which portrays my daily routine, I would say that Enya's Amarantine says it all! Of course some numbers from Good Charlotte won't hurt either. :-)
Anonymous said…
love song no 7
Ca said…
What I've learned so far is that worrying about the problems that MAY come in the future is an utter waste of precious time. Never forget the significance of the past which has shaped the person you are today and focus on the present, that's how I live.

Stay strong!
Fash said…
True, true...