Teacher's Day

As much as I hate the red-colored company t-shirt that I have to wear every Friday, I can't help but realize that I am still a teacher, with or without it.

They were having this little surprise celebration that Friday morning with ribbons, balloons and all. They even dedicated one whole wall for students' Teacher's Day wishes for their favorite teachers.

To my own surprise, I got not less than five messages from my students and one of them read:

To my favorite teacher Hannef,
We live ham...
Trans: To my favorite teacher- Hannef,
We love him...

How sweet is that?


fallen angel said…
hshsshhs.... lawak dowh.
sama la student aku pun,

to teacher bayne, like ur move.

Anonymous said…
awwwww sweet. happy teacher's day!!!
Bluesinner said…
Damn! All of this stuff makes me regret of letting go my teaching profession!
Ca said…
Aaaw, how lovely! And you're a teacher? Wow, impressive, I never knew.