Enough Fashion

I've been discussing too much about private life. I forgot all about fash-un-able... I'm such a bad blogger. No wonder nobody even bother to feature or interview me like certain men's fashion blogger. I don't discuss enough fashion here. But I'm planning to do it like right now! So please email me Details magazine! Pretty please...

I love short sleeve shirts for summer. The type that really hugs your body and shows off the fruit of countless hours of labor in the gym. I know right!? I'm such a show off, but I don't go to gym people. Well at least not yet. I'm planning to...maybe next month.

That is for summer. It doesn't really make a different because it's summer all year long in my country. But in fashion we're always looking forward. So while all the chickens flock around the stores for their fun, summer uniform, Rag and Bone has unveiled their latest Fall 2009 Collection. It's kind of funny that this time around the inspiration is Japanese samurai. Not a huge fan of anything Japanese (exception for Yohji Yamamoto) but I think I'm diggin this one. Love the pants. I can do high kicks in those pants!

Images from menstyle.com
I'm feeling soooo Kelly Clarkson these days. I gained weight and my thigh is the size of fire extinguisher! That is one of the reason I'm ditching super-skinny jeans for slouchier light-weight pants.
I need a gym membership pronto!


Anonymous said…
the first pic. i love that shirt.