Bday Version 2.6

What's with the futuristic title you asked? Well, I'm trying to look forward to the future and not stuck here weeping over things that had passed me by. I'm positive! Yay!

So I'm 26 now. Feel kinda old but deep inside I still feel like that sweet little boy who used to play Lego and hugs his father when he gets home from work. I'm living on my own now, making my own decision over my own life and one thing for sure is I no longer cry to mommy each time I'm out of cash.

Here's one for 26! I'm older and that's okay...

P/s: For friends who spent their time with me on my birthday weekend, I 'll start calling all of you 'sweeties' from now on=)
In this entry: Nizam, Hanis, Shikin, Mandy, Obey tees, Topman purple skin-tight jeans, my over-used Topman cardie, Fourskin shoes, DKNY polo shirt, F21 necklace and Marlboro Lights.
Song playing inside my head: Regina Spektor's Laughing With