Two Weeks

I only have one word at the back of my mind right now- OVERWHELMING.

I have interviews, students’ exams, bad hair day and wardrobe dilemmas in between...

I went totally bonkers at home last Sunday because none of my friends are available for shopping, coffee, hang outs or whatever. So I spent the whole day at home alone and do all the domestic Desperate Housewife routine. Laundry, cleaning and the whole deal...

I got a new walkman. Yes, walkman! As in the devise that you use to listen to the cassettes. I have like hundreds of my favorite albums on original cassettes with original covers that I still don't want to get rid off. The sound quality kinda suck but, I don't know... I love the whole idea of having to keep on pressing rewind and forward buttons to get to my favorite songs. So now I'm back to listening to my all time favorite albums like, George Michael's Faith, Pulp's Greatest Hits, Lisa Loeb's Firecracker and Anggun's Snow On Sahara.

And I finally got my hands on MK and Ashley's Influence. It costs a bomb, but it’s totally worth it. The book makes my love for vintage rings grow fonder, the way that the twins always accessorize with vintage rings and other jewellery.

I'm still looking for another room mates. I want to find locals this time around. I had this really nasty experience dealing with foreigners, so they are totally out of the questions

I cut my hair yesterday because I can't stand the weather and I've been sweating a lot it's disgusting! Its super short now and my students went a little crazy when they saw me this morning. Ha-ha!

Cheers for my new walkman and my shaved-head=)
In this entry: Shikin, Topman jeans, Fourskins shoes, Promod leather bracelet, Sony walkman, Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, vintage rings, my bedside table with the latest issue of Nylon Guy and Bodyshop's Oceanus (my fave) Body Splash on it, Hermes boutique and my old haircut.
Song playing inside my head: Daniel Merriweather's Red


Unknown said…
lisa loeb tu aku ingat.. :)
Anonymous said…

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