All Is Full of Love

It's been quite sometimes since I was in Shah Alam. I'm refering to Shah Alam as in the place where I lived for five years while completing my degree. That is where pretty much I kicked start my life. So it was nostalgic, I went 'ooh' and 'aah' at each sight of new buildings and anything that was not there when I left that place. But that was not the whole point of this. I don't missed Shah Alam that much. I missed my friends more than ever. These three girls; Sharina, Bayne and Cik Has

I've been a selfish bitch. I kinda abandoned my friends because I have been too busy keeping up with this 'new life' that I'm living, whatever that supposed to mean. When I finally got the chance to spend the evening with these three girls, I realized how much I missed them. Things around us had been crazy, but when all of us get back together, it feels like we are still the same and we still need each other the way that we always been.

So that evening was all about coffee and a little too much of gossiping.

Full of love.

In this entry: Sharina, Bayne, Cik Has, Replay tee and my awkward growing stage hair!

Song playing inside my head: Bliss's Kisses