All The Shit

I'm trying out this new place for a few weeks. See whether I like it or not. I haven't really quit my old job, I am just taking a one month break. So, if things doesn't work out well at this new place, I'll go back to my old job. It supposed to be that simple. But whatever, as long as I'm happy.

I was sick, like really really sick for three days last week. This is a serious bed-ridden kinda sick. It was the cough that led to fever and cold and muscular pain and runny nose. God it was awful! I was in bed for at least two days and ate nothing but some bread and oats. The worse part is, I was all alone. But I'm okay now. Still have the cough and in fact, I just had my first cigarette in five days yesterday. Hahah!

Remember the new housemate that I found from the internet? He has been with me for almost three months now. But God forgive me, I HATE HIM! He's a plus-sized tranny dammit! When he introduced himself to me on our first meeting, I couldn't tell because he said he was just a make-up artist who sometimes deals with public relation stuff and he wont be around much because he travels a lot. I thought not all make up artists are cross-dressers! I am not discriminating him, it's just that he is too loud and not to mention SEXUAL. He always wants to know about my sex life, which I found super-annoying as I never really it share with anyone. All conversations will reverts back to sex. Don't get me wrong I love sex but it is not the only thing on my mind.

He has condoms scattered on the dining table next to my Hob-Nobs and grapefruits. He has a boxful of gayporn on top of the DVD player, which really take it to the next level. So, I moved his condoms because it disgusts me and he sent me a message on my telephone:

"If you moved away my 'stuff' could you please put it back where it supposed to be because I need to return all of them to Pink Triangle."

And here's how I responded: "It's in the green bag next to the TV. I just don't think if it is a really good idea to have condoms and food sitting next to one another".

I think he's kinda pissed because of that and also because I have been avoiding and ignoring him.

Why can't I have a decent housemate for once? Why do I have to deal with all these slobs, dirty foreigners, fat tranny and pretentious son of a bitch?

Song playing inside my head: Katie Herzig & Matthew Perry Stone's Where The Road Meets The Sun


fallen angel said…
psycho bitch la budak tu. belasah je dia nep.
Anonymous said…
He has condoms scattered on the dining table next to my Hob-Nobs and grapefruits.

yuckssssssssss gross ok! get a new housemate.
sha said…
Kak Na ko nape??lupe prozac yeeeee