Alright, Still

Yes. I'm still on my break. Two more weeks to go. I can't say that I don't missed teaching because I finally realized it has become a part of me. It's what I do and it's one thing that people always relates me to. Teacher Hannef, Sir Hannef... whatever. I kinda missed it. Listening to the grammar mistakes made by my students and having to correct them every five seconds.

So because I had nothing better to do when I was back in KL last week, I decided to meet up with my students for lunch. I actually bought one of them this storybook from Borders that I believe would be very good for his level of English. I gave him the book during that lunch and he paid for the Iranian food that we ate.

And everybody was happy.

In this entry: Alireza, Feda Mohamad, Shafie, and myself wearing my label-less tee.

Song playing inside my head: Arctic Monkey's Crying Lightning


Anonymous said…
ur so nice to give him a book :) i like you. can i have a book too? hhahaha
H&F said…
sure u can. but r u a good student? hahah=)