The One About Giving Up and Taking a Break

I was trying out this new work place last week and it didn't work out. I was not happy with the environment and I just don't see future there. I know my friends who work there really hate me by now and they might as well deleted me from their Facebook and cellphone phone book or any 'book' for that matter. But I just have one thing to say in my defense, I was not happy and I know that walking out before it gets more and more complicated is the most responsible thing to do. I'm sorry...

So I am currently in my hometown. Enjoying the remaining of my one month long break from teaching. I'm not screaming happiness at the top of my lung but I am not weeping in bed either. It's not too bad. I can watch TV all day and flip through all my magazines that I never really got the chance to read before. It's all good. I'm okay.

Btw, the pictures above were all taken for the past two weeks. Hanging out with Mandy has always been a lot of fun. Laugh a lot, eat a little and everybody is happy.

In this entry: Mandy, my few days at the supposedly my new workplace, Topman tee and jeans, Gap basic tee, Fourskin shoes, Forever 21 necklace, new Seed quilted carry all and too much of Marlboro Lights.

Song playing inside my head: Lily Allen's 22


Anonymous said…
mandy!!!! i miss mandy!!1