Robinsons 2nd Anniversary Party

There was not even one day passed without me sitting at the edge of my bed wondering what I am going to wear out that day. I sit there with the clouds of fashion rules that I read in GQ and Details above my head. Not all button front shirts can go with my deep blue Topman jeans and not all bags look good with my brown Aldo Chelsea boots. Decisions have to be made and one misstep will lead to a whole day of regret and something that I call “outfit envy”. It’s the feeling that I get each time when the other person next to me wears something nicer and trendier than what I have on.

I decided to go with my checkered button front GAP, dark blue Topman skinny jeans, my beat up Aldo lace-up shoes with cartoon Pull and Bear socks, Seed quilted bag and piled on vintage rings. The occasion? Robinsons’ 2nd Anniversary Party. It was members only party and Mandy was my plus-one.

It was fun and quite a stylish event with fashion show of 2009 Autumn/ Winter collections, finger foods, and a whole lot of discounts at all departments. The final four participants of 8TV’s I Want to Become a Model were there as well, strutting their stuff at the beginning of the fashion show. I didn’t care that much about them. I was just glad to see Marion Caunter. She was hosting the event. She looked gorgeous in her short blue cocktail dress. A photo session after the event was mandatory. Ha-ha!

So, did I experience any “outfit envy” during the event? Not really.

Song playing inside my head: Solange's T.O.N.Y