Designers' Style

Wang with his muse, Erin Wasson
Check out those sandals on him
Love the shoes!
The floral jackets
I want all my tees to look like this

I think these new breeds of designers have the sickest style ever! I still love my Gucci and Raf but when they come out with stuff that I find almost impossible to emulate (think gold charmed belt and knee-high boots), I turn to other designers for inspiration. And I'm not refering to their designs but its their own personal style that really captures my attention.

The truth is I'm not really jumping off my seat when I see Henry Holland designs but when I see him out and about in London with Agyness Deyn or at the end of his runway show, I got so inspired by his look. Same goes with Alexander Wang. I put my tees in the washer and dryer for so many times to achieve the same effect that he has on his tees. But hey, I love his collections too! Gareth Pugh is another example. He's dark, mysterious and all-round goth. He's awesome!

P/S: If you people noticed, I haven't been writing about myself that much because there was just simply nothing to tell. I've been working 1pm until 10pm, Monday to Saturday for the past couple of weeks. New job and its kinda crazy. But I'm going out this weekend and will take pictures just like the cam-whore that I used to be=)

Song playing inside my head: Calvin Harris' Ready for The Weekend


MeMeR said…
I adore that sandal,
any idea where it is from??
H&F said…
Zara has a pair that looks like that. But I think Henry was wearing a pair from Gucci. But I'm not too sure.