The One About Chic-Pop, External Hard drives and The Unknown Sportsman

I went to two events last week. One was the product launch for WD at Library, The Curve and the other one is Chic-Pop for Tongue in Chic at Zouk. There was nothing much to talk about for the WD launch because it was just some external hard-disk launch. The buffet lunch was fabulous though=)

As for the Chic-Pop at Zouk, it was actually a bazaar organized by Tongue in Chic. Joyce was there, Jezmine was there but I didn’t really go to them and say hello. Jezmine looked exhausted and Joyce as busy filming the event. I went to the event with Mandy and she was definitely more excited about the whole thing than I am because most of the stuff on sale there was for girls. I saw some nice tees, high-cut Nike and Vans at the guy’s booth but I was not really in the mood for shopping. But I love the way how they totally transformed Zouk into this ‘street bazaar’ like atmosphere. This is not the first time I was totally sober at Zouk though. Ha-ha!

There was also this guy doing some signing at Starbucks KLCC. He is this tennis player or something, but I’m not too sure. I went to say hi, grab my vanilla latte and leave. Nizam and I went to Dome instead and read GQ.

P/S: Just found out that the guy is Fernando Gonzalez 2009, US Open Quarterfinalist. Yes, he's a tennis player=)

In the photo: Chic-Pop at Zouk, Nurita Harith booth, Mandy, Gap tees, Topman skinny jeans, Fourskin shoes, vintage bracelets and rings and vintage oversized clutch (my sister’s in the 90s).

Song playing inside my head: Bat For Lashes’ Pearl’s Dream (as heard on Anna Sui ad starring Agyness Deyn)