I learned that....

Wearing tee from Springfield, dark jeans from Topman and quilted high-tops from Three Point Six

1. Family always comes first, right before friends. Right?

2. People can buy love and affection but will still ended up fat, alone and miserable (Nope. Not me)

3. Friends fight just to realize how much they need each other in the end

4. I want to be Katy Perry’s friend because she's seems like a lot of fun HERE’S PROOF

5. Lady GaGa doesn’t home-sewed all her outrageous outfits. HERE’S PROOF

6. Nineties music always makes me think of my best friends. Alanis, Jewel, Garbage, Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers, Sarah McLachlan… Are we really that old, sweeties?

7. Writing as a profession doesn’t pay much. Carrie Bradshaw has a lot of $400 shoes, but does she have enough in her saving accounts? Not really.

8. So money is ‘kinda’ important…

9. The title of Catatonia’s song that I heard once and fell in love with in the nineties was “Dead From The Waist Down”. I just found out last week.

10. It’s not easy to pick myself up each time I fall down.

Song playing inside my head: Foo Fighter's Big Me


Gimme me one living proof for point #2!!!!
HNF said…
My housemate... and it's just sad.