I Wanna Wake Up Feeling Like PDiddy!

Tee from Seed and bedazzled earphone from Forever 21

You know what makes the world go round? Its not love, its money. I’ve just started this new fulltime job because apparently writing doesn’t pay that much. I still write for Emmagem. Its just that I still need to have a job with fixed salary to pay the bills, the references (Details, GQ, Vogue etc), all the writer’s essentials (ie: coffee and ciggies) and my countless trips in the name of research to parties, events, launch etc.

I’m feeling sooooo Micha Barton right now! I’m kinda broke and I saw this really fabulous drop-crotch pants at Pull & Bear that I couldn’t afford (tears…). I also have a phone bill that is waaay overdue and not to mention party invitations that I just can’t go to.

But I’m glad that I no longer have to think about lesson plans, waking up at six in the morning, dealing with crazy-ass foreigners or having people who keep on telling me that I am not good enough for them.

There’s just one thing that I missed. I missed walking to the office feeling all fabulous with my bag in one hand, coffee in another and the Twin Tower in the background.

It’s kinda shallow and pretentious but it’s my thing. Don’t judge me…
Read the whole truth about my financial state HERE

And I converted the photos above using this awesome application called Poladroid

Song playing inside my head: Owl City's Fireflies


Anonymous said…
my stud earing same mcm yours!!!
H&F said…
Hahahaha! We share same taste in earings=)